This website is designed as a showcase for the books "Mary Magdelene and The Gospel of John" and "Mary Magdalene and the First Chrisitians" by Dr Ian Poole. The books are a genuinely new and quite revolutionary view of the relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, and underlines her seminal role in the foundation of the Christian Church.

Mary Magdalene’s place in the history of Christianity has been hidden for two millennia. During the post-crucifixion period the new forces in the early church did their best to remove her entirely from history. Fortunately, there were events in the life of Jesus in which everyone know she was involved: the events at the empty tomb or the raising of Lazarus being two. She could not be removed from such events, but her role was made subordinate to the other male Apostles. Later, Paul, known for his misogyny, refused to acknowledge her contribution.

The three synoptic gospels were written by people who did not know Jesus: they were not there. The Fourth Gospel, John, was written by a companion of Jesus, and differs completely from the other three. In spite of that, most experts choose to believe the totally artificial history created by the three synoptic gospels, and declare the Fourth Gospel as ‘unhistoric’. Recently the suggestion was made that Mary Magdalene was the author of the Fourth Gospel, and only later was it falsely accredited to John. This book takes up and fully develops that line of research.

Many books have been written about Mary Magdalene. This book proves that they are all nonsense. Mary was most definitely not married to Jesus, and therefore the whole edifice of a ‘da Vinci’ bloodline is simply fiction. Neither she nor Jesus were married. Neither was Mary merely a personification of Isis designed to placate the needs of a pagan audience.

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The picture of Mary as simply Jesus’ wife is an insult to both. This book demonstrates that Mary was far more than merely the ‘beloved disciple’ of the Fourth Gospel, but her own words became the basis for the Fourth Gospel. These were later altered and rewritten by others to demonstrate male superiority and to maintain the myths surrounding the death of Jesus. Fortunately, by carefully analysing the Fourth Gospel and by utilising the other contemporary documents, the original story can be uncovered.

And what a story that is!! It completely rewrites the conventional life of Jesus. For the first time we can understand:

  • The ‘marriage’ at Cana
  • The ‘raising’ of Lazarus
  • The ‘last’ supper
  • The role of Judas
  • The washing of Jesus’ feet
  • The ‘empty’ tomb

This is not an ‘academic’ book, but is written to academic standards. It is intended for the general reader who is interested in the early church. The Christian will find it challenging yet it provides a firmer foundation for their faith, not relying upon unreliable myths designed for the credulous. Members of the Jewish faith will find an account fully in accord with a Jewish Jesus, and one that puts the lie to the ‘Blood Libel’ which has plagued European history.

This is a book not to be missed. It is totally new and original, and is not yet another “rehash” of other people’s books.

The follow up book Mary Magdalene and the First Christians is now available here.